Oxin Growers wants to offer its members a full-service experience. As a neutral intermediary and in a cost-efficient manner. Oxin Growers is a flexible and agile organisation with a sharp eye for market developments and a profound belief in the value of uniting and enriching cultivation and growers.

Oxin Growers has over 1,000 hectares of greenhouse vegetables, 1,800 hectares of full-field vegetables and 1,300 hectares of fruit. This makes the cooperative a serious partner for authorities and organisations, and also a powerful market player. We market the fresh produce grown by our members for a transparent and fair price. Knowledge is essential in this respect. 

Oxin Growers is for the grower who makes his own choices. But we also like to make use of our negotiating power. We take entrepreneurship seriously and provide support with what is needed to be able to do business in freedom.


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