Benefits for growers

Oxin Growers likes short communication lines, values personal attention and offers custom-made solutions. This makes Oxin Growers the ideal partner for large and small growers and nurseries, for bulk produce and growers of speciality, niche produce. With our approach, we deliver customer and consumer-oriented production on a daily basis and offer growers and customers the maximum benefits.

Our service provision helps you progress
Field-grown vegetables, greenhouse vegetables, pome fruit and soft fruit. Marketing tasty fresh produce is the heart of our work. Where we offer growers the freedom to either take control, or to delegate. Select the sales model that suits your business and use the services below in addition if you want to benefit from a full-service experience.

All Oxin Growers members are entitled to:
Payment security
Oxin Growers offers members payment security. All deliveries to our customers are covered by credit insurance. Non-payment by the customer? The damage is then reimbursed providing the insurance conditions are met. This is how we ensure continuity and you can run your business with complete confidence.

• Administrative support
Oxin Growers handles the sales of your produce and organises all the aspects involved, including drawing up contracts, invoicing and administration. This is how we keep things simple with direct communication and committed, personal contact. Worry-free entrepreneurship is something we achieve together.

• Sectoral representation
Oxin Growers represents the interests of its members and is a strong voice within the chain and beyond. We lobby and intervene, always with a firm focus on sustainable solutions. Power in unity.

In addition, Oxin Growers is a recognised growers' cooperative and is therefore entitled to GMO subsidies.

 Services Oxin Growers

Oxin Growers offers its members a full-service experience with the services below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know more.

Sharing and transfer of knowledge
• Access to market figures for substantiated decisions
• Improve your performances with insights from crop comparison figures

Assistance in obtaining food safety certification, such as GlobalGap, On the way to PlanetProof, GRASP, BRC/IFS, Field to Fork and SKAL.

Quality control
Proactive quality control or reactive control on quality.

Purchase benefits
• Purchase benefits packaging materials
• Purchase benefits cultivation materials

Product and concept development
Offer existing products via new concepts. From new sashes, labels and crate cards, to sustainable (consumer unit) packaging and brand development. We often do this in collaboration with breeders, trade partners and retailers. This allows us to optimally respond to the consumers´ wishes.

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