About us

Oxin Growers is one of the largest growers’ cooperatives in the Netherlands. Every day, our members commit to delivering top quality, tasty fruit and vegetables. Our varied range consists of firm, field-grown vegetables, rich quality vegetables grown in greenhouses, juicy pome fruit and refined soft fruits.

Fresh produce grown using the latest cultivation techniques and according to the strictest food safety standards. But above all with passion and craftsmanship. Together. Because there is power in unity. Backed up by a robust organisation and a strong position in the sector, Oxin Growers offers all the opportunities for growth.

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Our products

Oxin Growers offers an extensive and high-quality assortment of fruit and vegetables grown outdoors and in greenhouses. All our tasty and fresh produce is grown with care and attention by skilled growers. Independent experts asses the quality of our produce as above average. With more than 4,100 hectares of growing surface area, Oxin Growers offers a wide range of produce all year round.

All Oxin Grower member companies are GLOBALG.A.P. certified and have additional certification depending on the markets and customers served by the specific growers. This includes BRC or On the way to PlanetProof. A number of our growers use organic methods and hold Skal certification.

Our packaging

Creating and maintaining visibility is essential for producers and sellers of fresh produce. Oxin Growers is happy to contribute to visibility and develops consumer-oriented packaging or concepts if required. For own brands or its customers’ brands. This covers custom-made packaging, or concepts that offer specific varieties, colours or flavours. We have the expertise and experience to make a difference together with you.

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