The cooperative for growers

Oxin Growers is one of the largest growers’ cooperatives in the Netherlands with a complete range of top quality fruit and vegetables.

We are Oxin Growers

Oxin Growers is one of the largest growers’ cooperatives for fruit and vegetables in the Netherlands. We value the individual vision and working methods of our growers, offer support services, protect their interests and provide every opportunity for them to develop.

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Benefits for growers

Oxin Growers likes short communication lines, values personal attention and offers custom-made solutions. This makes Oxin Growers the ideal partner for large and small growers and nurseries, for bulk produce and growers of speciality, niche produce.

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Creating and maintaining visibility is essential for producers and sellers of fresh produce. Oxin Growers is happy to contribute to visibility and develops consumer-oriented packaging or concepts if required. For own brands or its customers’ brands. This covers custom-made packaging, or concepts that offer specific varieties, colours or flavours. We have the expertise and experience to make a difference together with you.

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