All the tasty and fresh produce from Oxin Growers is grown with care and attention by skilled growers. Our growers' tasty fruit and vegetables find their way to national and international consumers every day. Our entire range is produced at nurseries and production sites in the Netherlands and Belgium. If required, the produce can be packed on site. This reduces the time between harvesting and arrival at the point of sale, for optimal freshness.

Our affiliated fruit and vegetable growers produce their crops with careful attention to water and nutrient use. They also apply sustainable energy policies. Thanks to modern cultivation techniques, many of the crops are available year-round. The growers use natural predators, such as parasitic wasps, to control any pests and diseases that may infect the crops.

All Oxin Grower member companies are GLOBALG.A.P. certified and have additional certification depending on the markets and customers served by the specific growers. This includes BRC or On the way to PlanetProof. A number of our growers use organic methods and hold Skal certification.

For more information about our products, such as flavour and availability, click the photo of the crop concerned.