Strawberries, aspargus, cauliflower and leeks growers

Wil en Wenda Achten

As with many contemporary growers, Wil Achten’s company was traditionally a mixed arable and livestock farm. It was his father who decided to focus entirely on growing, and Wil took over from him in 2000. It remains a diverse company to this day, with asparagus as the main crop and space for cauliflower, leek and strawberries on racks.


Soft fruit


Achten V.O.F.



Wil enjoys the variety of his work the most. The summer months are hard work, seven days a week. For the rest of the year, it’s sometimes a bit quieter. Wil firmly believes in keeping the use of pesticides to a minimum. “This will become even more important. In my opinion, growers, suppliers and consumers must work together to ensure we keep this under control.” He’s a member of Oxin Growers due to more price security. “It’s reassuring when we can sell a percentage of our crop at a fixed price."