Bell pepper growers

Ton, Jan en Stephan Noorland

Brothers Ton and Jan Noorland started their bell pepper nursery in 1985. Step by step, they've expanded their company to ten times its original size. Jan’s son Stephan joined the company in 2019, as did another employee in the role of manager. They refer to themselves as a no-nonsense company, maintaining short lines of communication with customers. “This was the reason for our membership at Oxin Growers. We feel right at home with their working methods. Short lines of communication and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market demands.”


Bell peppers


Noorland Paprika B.V.



Noorland Paprika B.V. is an ‘open' company. Open in their internal communication, as a good rapport is vital to the family members’ approach to work. But also open towards the future, thinking ahead, and always being aware of new opportunities. Ton explains: “I’m delighted with my nephew and our employee, they really bring fresh ideas to the table and think outside the box." The latter is something Ton and Jan have always done. “If everybody chooses the same option, then we always think, how can we do things differently?" This is how they continue to build a healthy company, with plenty of opportunities for the youngest generation to assert their entrepreneurial skills in the future.