Bell pepper grower

Tom Vermeiren

Tom’s father Willy and his uncle Herman were the very first bell pepper growers in Belgium in 1988. Tom grew up on the farm with his brother and started working with his father at the age of 21. He then moved to Diest in 2005 and started his own bell pepper growing business. His brother, Wilfried, who is also an Oxin Growers member, currently grows yellow courgettes on his parent’s farm. Growing really is part of the family DNA. Tom’s daughter has also caught the cultivation bug and plans to join her father in the industry. “Our company has a family character, which is important to me,” he says. The family operate the business independently, and are supported by twelve long-term employees.


Bell peppers


Papriverm B.V.


Molenstede (Belgiƫ)

A small part of Tom’s harvest is sold on Wednesdays via the farm shop, the rest is sold via Oxin Growers to their regular partner Seasun. What else is important to the success of the business? “We are firmly focused on sustainability", says Tom. “We have integrated pest management with as few pesticides as possible and always try to localise our interventions." Care and attention is also paid to their energy consumption. “Efficiency is obviously also important." Tom and his family have been members of the Dutch cooperative for years, which was a conscious decision. “We grow a high quality product. Thanks to our partnership with Oxin Growers, we receive a good price.”


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