Bell pepper growers

Tom en Kevin Kleijweg

De 3Hoek has been growing bell peppers year-round since 1987. The nursery is run by Tom Kleijweg and his son Kevin. Kevin loves growing bell peppers, partly because it doesn’t involve getting too dirty. Apart from the usual busier periods, pepper cultivation also has quieter periods. “In January, it already feels like spring in the greenhouses, which is great", he says. “As soon as the sun begins to shine again, the temperature in the greenhouses rises to 24°C."


Bell peppers


Kwekerij De 3Hoek


Hoek van Holland

The Kleijweg family strive for maximal optimisation, getting the most out of every square metre. “Our aim is to achieve maximum production levels every year. We deliberately grow at a rapid pace, pushing our crop to the very limit of its capabilities, meaning high temperatures and generative growth. We don’t always choose the easiest path but prefer to push the boundaries instead.” Their main priority is to ensure consistently high yields of a good quality. “We aim to produce a healthy product that benefits the customer. In doing so, we hope to make a substantial and positive contribution to society as a whole."