Pear grower

Toine Groot

Toine and his wife run their business independently and focus entirely on growing pears. But they didn’t start out this way. As with many fruit farms, it was initially a mixed farm. Toine’s great grandfather started the business about 100 years ago. Fruit cultivation was expanded step by step and other activities were gradually replaced. Since 2000, they have only grown pears, as the local growing conditions are perfect for pear trees to grow in. “We are near the Ijsselmeer, which means the weather is always temperate: never too cold and never too hot. The pears grow perfectly here.” 


Pome fruit


A. Groot



The seasons are the most enjoyable aspect of Toine’s work. “This is by far the best thing about my work. Every season offers something special and we really get first hand experience of the changing seasons. I also love the fact that I’m always outdoors.” His main goal is to grow a high quality product. “The fruit we grow is our pride and joy. We work all year round to produce sufficient amounts of high quality produce.” He hopes one day to hand over his wonderful business to the next generation. “I want to provide the new generation with enough experience and perspective. This will allow someone to confidently take the business forward, based on a passion and knowledge for the profession. With this in mind, I’m already investing in the future. This will ensure that continuing the business is a worthwhile proposition.”


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