Cauliflower and broccoli growers

Theo en Hans Vlaar

When it comes to conscious cultivation, Theo’s father was always ahead of the curve. “My father taught us that spraying isn’t always necessary." This meant that, for Theo and his brothers, the change to organic cauliflower and broccoli cultivation was a natural progression. Today, their organic company has grown considerably.




Vlaar B.V.



Notable is their solution oriented approach. Theo: “I've heard for many years that we always have a solution to every problem. We’ve developed several new machines, experimented with lighting, and are always looking for alternative methods for pest and disease control.” Theo enjoys working in the open air and looking after production. Job satisfaction for himself and his staff, is therefore of great importance to him. His vision for the future is to continue to develop in such a way that he can leave behind a company that truly engages with the next generation.


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