Cucumber grower

Sjaak van Dijk

Jimco is the fourth generation van Dijk at the family’s cucumber nursery. He runs the business with his father Sjaak. They both love to innovate in their individual areas of expertise. Sjaak is technically minded and has developed many new techniques to improve their energy management. “We were the first to install a cavity screen - this consists of two screens in a screen installation, 4cm apart - which insulates effectively and retains warmth”, explains Jimco. “This has significantly reduced the energy demand per square metre. We're incorporating a number of different methods in order to solve our energy issues.”




Klimrek B.V.



Jimco’s ambitions lie in management and he has a vision to further expand the business. He enjoys the diversity of his work. “The number of processes involved, the amount of things I need to think about, it always amazes me. One minute I’m an electrician, the next I’m busy working on organic crop protection. I’m responsible for many different aspects, and they all provide me with a challenge. Jimco and his father both enjoy the whole cultivation process and ensuring optimisation. “Having green fingers means you intuitively sense something that makes you think: I need to change part of the process. It’s great to draw up these ideas and solve the puzzle.”