Brussels sprouts growers

Sjaak, Sjors en Jannes Vollebregt

Second and third generation of the Vollebregt family

Berkelhoeve is the name emblazoned on the gable of the striking stolp farmhouse owned by the Vollebregt family in Westbeemster. The name refers to Berkel in South Holland, where grandfather Jan Vollebregt originates from. In 1977 he exchanged hectic urban life for the peace and open spaces of the Beemster and bought the company now run by the second and third generation of the Vollebregt family.




Firma Vollebregt



His grandsons Sjors and Jannes never had any other plans than to work on the family's arable farm. ‘We've never known any different’, says Jannes. ‘When we came home from school, or at weekends and in school holidays, we've always spent every free hour helping. Now we have both completed our bachelor degrees in agricultural management, we are officially part of the company.’

Diverse crop range

The family farm extends to 85 hectares where sprouts, potatoes, onions, wheat and grass seed are grown. The principle crop – intended for Oxin Growers – is Brussel sprouts. ‘We grow wheat and grass seed as crop rotation to keep the soil in good condition’, Sjors explains. ‘If the fields were continuously used for sprouts, onions or potatoes, the soil would be exhausted. Wheat and grass seed are less intensive crops.’ They would like to expand their operations in the future. Sjors: ‘It would be great to be able to work on your own farm all year round. We could make that possible partly by expanding our acreage.’