Cucumber grower

Sjaak de Hoog

Barely a hectare

My wife and I have worked for years growing cucumbers in our greenhouses on Oude Leedeweg in Pijnacker. We grow our cucumbers on an area of 7400 square metres, which is barely a hectare. The yield is calculated based on the number of cucumbers produced per square metre. On an annual basis we produce 170 cucumbers on one square metre. That's a pretty impressive figure for consumers - so many cucumbers from such a small part of the greenhouse.




J. de Hoog



A cucumber tricks itself

The young plants arrive at the greenhouse on around 22 December, and the first cucumbers can be harvested from 1 February. A cucumber plant reaches an average height of two and a half metres. Each cucumber has a flower, this flower is necessary for the plant to set fruit. Cucumbers do not need to be pollinated by other plants. The plant tricks itself and can self-pollinate.