Bell pepper grower

Ron en Ed Bross

A fabulous profession

I have lived and worked here for 30 years on the company that is currently managed by me and my brother Ron. My father grew vegetables commercially and as a young lad I helped him. I knew back then just what a fabulous profession it was. And still is, in fact! Nowadays we run a highly modern and renovated company that I am very pleased with. Both our wives work in the company too, and together with a team of three permanent employees - who have worked for us for a long time- we grow red bell peppers in our three hectare greenhouse. 


Bell peppers


Ron en Ed Bross B.V.



A cheese and red pepper sandwich

I am a huge fan of our red bell peppers. And I enjoy a cheese and pepper sandwich at 10 o'clock every morning in our canteen! A fresh bell pepper should feel firm with a shiny skin, although peppers that don't look tip top are still perfect for cooking. They retain 100% of their flavour and nutrients despite looking less than perfect.


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