Apple and pear growers

Roger en Chantal Houben

Roger and Chantal Houben’s fruit farm surrounds their authentic farmstead in Grathem, Limburg. Fruit has been lovingly cultivated here for three generations. Grandfather Houben started a mixed farm in 1929; today only apples and pears are grown. Roger is responsible for cultivation, sorting and storage. Chantal is in charge of the administrative tasks and supports Roger wherever necessary. And their four sons all enjoy helping out too. Together, they have built a fantastic business, of which they are all incredibly proud!  


Pome fruit


Mts. R.L.F.M. Houben en C.P.M. Houben - Meuwissen



The family is passionately committed to producing the very best quality produce. “We hope that customers taste our craftmanship and passion for growing in the tastiest fruit available." An extra fact: when it comes to technology, some of the family members are real experts. “We work at the cutting edge of technology. We were the first to build a machine that allowed you to spray multiple rows at the same time." Since then, multi-row sprayers have become indispensable in the fruit growing industry. The family are pioneers in other technical areas too, which allows them to try to further optimise their cultivation processes. And the best part of their job? “Every year, our challenge is to harvest a beautiful product in the face of diverse weather conditions. Whatever the circumstances are, whatever difficulties we may encounter, we make the best of every situation in order to deliver a fantastic product.” 


Mts. R.L.F.M. Houben en C.P.M. Houben - Meuwissen holds the following certification