Strawberry and raspberries grower

Robert van Meer

Twins Robert and Marco van Meer are the third generation at the helm of their strawberry and raspberry nursery. They enthusiastically combine entrepreneurship with the craft of growing fruit. Robert: “Business economics is a really fascinating subject, but I like to combine this with the practical aspect of growing. We were born with green fingers, so that’s what we aspire to. This makes our work really diverse and a lot of fun.”


Soft fruit


De Ruwenberg B.V. en Ruwenberg Fruit B.V.



The brothers list the three things that are most important to them: good working conditions, responsible growing and satisfied customers. “I’m proud to underline just how much we appreciate our employees. We treat everyone equally and have the utmost respect for the individual, including our migrant workers. We also speak Polish and Romanian, to ensure we can communicate directly with them. Robert and Marco have switched to vertical cultivation, to make picking easier for their employees. This means that they can now recirculate their water, which benefits the environment. As the strawberries are protected by a rain canopy, this means they look more attractive and have a longer shelf life. That’s how they provide their customers with a top quality product, that has a long shelf life, good appearance and a great flavour.