Cucumber growers

Rino en Ellie Kaljouw

Rino Kaljouw likes things to be straightforward: keep it simple, no side activities, just good quality cucumber production. He’s been doing this since 1989, when he purchased a tomato growing business and transformed it into a cucumber nursery. He’s ably supported by his wife Ellie.




Kwekerij Kaljouw B.V.



“It’s a real challenge to minimise energy use and grow as organically as possible”, says Rino. “I take great pleasure in growing a beautiful, healthy, and problem-free crop." Rino’s objectives are a good atmosphere, a manageable business, and trucks full of cucumbers. “I want to keep enjoying my work, and Oxin Growers succeed in facilitating this. Thanks to them, I don’t need to worry about sales, payment terms and loans. This means I can continue to enjoy my work to the full.