Broccoli growers

René Verdonk en Sabine van den Berg

René Verdonk started his outdoor cultivation company from scratch. He and his wife Sabine have successfully established a company of considerable size and stature. Their main crop is broccoli. Sabine: “René is responsible for the crop, I focus on packaging our produce and managing our personnel.” She’s supported by a motivated group of employees. “The best thing about our work is that every day is different," says Sabine. “At the start of the day, we make a plan together to decide what we're going to do. But things often change. You need to able to cope with this, but I wouldn’t enjoy it if every week was the same.” Rene adds: “We also enjoy the surrounding nature and being outside. It’s great when our crop does well, but there can be peaks and troughs.”




Verdonk Broccoli



The main objective is customer satisfaction, and the pride in delivering a quality product. “We achieve this by creating a great working environment for our employees and looking after our crops well." Customer satisfaction means that the price of their produce is just right, something they work hard on. They see this as one of the advantages of Oxin Growers; working closely together to ensure good market value, which is important for the grower, the client, and the environment. “If you get a good price, you can invest in good machinery and equipment. This means the customer gets a high-quality product, and we can minimise our impact on the environment.” René and Sabine are happy to form a strong alliance with Oxin Growers, their colleagues, and with each other.


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