Brussels sprouts grower

René Peters

“My great grandfather started the business here in 1870”, explains René. In those days it was a mixed farm. In around 1970, Rene’s grandfather came up with the idea of growing sprouts on a small scale. An added bonus was that he could feed the green waste to the cows. René’s father decided to focus solely on arable farming. When René and his brother finished school, they joined forces and focused on upscaling their sprout cultivation. Since then, the size of the business has increased tenfold. Today, René and his brother run the farm together, assisted by a number of family members.




V.O.F. Peters agf



“We’ve always done things at full throttle", says René. He is a passionate sprout grower, but according to him, all sprout growers are the same. “It’s a small community, there are only about 50 of us in the Netherlands", he says. “It’s a great crop to grow, it leaves you feeling so enthused and satisfied!" His enthusiasm is clearly infectious, as one of his three children is now preparing for a future in sprout cultivation. “He’s got the sprout growing bug too", says René. He enjoys crop maintenance the most. Sprout crops are relatively easy to manage, which means it’s easy to optimise production too. The most important aspects of his job are satisfaction, profitable yields and producing sprouts with a long shelf life.