Bell pepper grower

Reinier Janssen

Targeted segments

Our bell pepper growing company is in Nootdorp, the place I was born and bred. We grow red bell peppers and have selected a specific variety we are happy with as it is suitable for the market segments we serve. Some of our peppers are exported to the USA, the rest are sold on the domestic market.


Bell peppers


Maatschap R.A.A.M. Janssen



Full swing at harvest time

The peppers are planted in December and cultivation continues until the beginning of November. We start harvesting the crop in mid-March until the first week of November, when we start getting everything ready again for a new season. We mainly deploy biological crop protection methods. We start crop control four weeks after the seedlings have been planted out in the greenhouse. Treatments are repeated every week in spring. Once spring arrives, the longer days stimulate the crop to start growing fast. Things start to get busier when harvesting starts, but it's a great feeling to be back in full swing!