Brassica grower

Jack Weel

Peter Weel grew up on his family’s farm and started his own business in 1983. Today, he grows cauliflowers there, with his wife and sons. The most enjoyable aspect of his work is crop protection. “This is a collaboration with nature. I’m very fussy, I monitor things very closely and don’t cut corners. I won’t spray the crops unless it’s absolutely necessary. But to achieve this, I need to keep a close eye on the crop.”




V.O.F. P. & A. Weel-van Straaten



The Weel family has always invested as much as possible in modern machinery. “We aim to deliver a top quality product at an affordable price. Our entire crop is sold on contract through Oxin Growers, which requires us to achieve a yield of at least 80-90%.” Good machinery helps them to achieve this. Peter remains happy with their marketing choice. “Since we made the switch from the free market to contract growing, we feel a lot more secure."