Bell pepper grower

Peter van den Bosch

Light affects the flavour of bell peppers

I have owned this company - which today company extends to 5.5 hectares - since 1986. We started growing tomatoes, but since 1995 we have used our greenhouses to grow red and yellow bell peppers as the conditions here are more suitable for that crop. That is mainly to do with how the greenhouse is constructed and the light incidence. Our greenhouses are not very high, and a bell pepper is less light sensitive than tomato.


Bell peppers


P.N.M. van den Bosch B.V.



The more light the plant gets, the better for the flavour of the peppers. We take particular care to ensure that the wires the crops grow up are properly distributed to spread the heads of the plants well. That also benefits the yields.

Special nutrients from bell peppers

I think it's important that consumers are aware of the exceptional nutritional qualities of bell peppers. They are simply packed with vitamins for instance. It is also good for consumers to know that we use completely organic production methods. We control pest and diseases in the greenhouse by using the right predators to deal with any ‘unwanted’ visitors.


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