Cauliflower, broccoli and white cabbage growers

Peter, Dave en Margot Appelman

Around 1990, Peter Appelman started the open field cultivation farm with Margo. Step by step, they’ve established a business of considerable size. His son Dave is also fully active in the farm, and currently oversees the majority of farming operations. Father and son enjoy the overall nature of farming the most, and the satisfaction of getting the job done time and time again. “For example, after we've spent a long day planting and see everything in the ground and the sprinkler system on in the evening, we look at each other and think: yes! I always get a kick from that.”




Appelman Vegetables B.V.



Peter is primarily focused on the soil, commerce and sales. Together with Oxin Growers, he keeps a keen eye on the market to ensure good prices. He’s also really interested in soil management, and very involved in the transition to residue-free and emission-free cultivation. This applies to both his own business and society in general. “This transition is something that society as a whole needs to undergo," Peter believes. To help familiarise consumers with agricultural practice, Peter is an active participant in a theatre group, in which he plays the role of a grower. “Sometimes, people are amazed when they hear how things really work in practice, and what we as farmers are already doing to ensure responsible and clean agriculture.” Peter has no doubts that change is underway in agriculture. What this change will look like remains open to question. In any case, Peter will remain fully active in making his contribution.