Tomato grower

Paul van Schie

Paul van Schie comes from a large family of growers. His grandfather started a long time ago, and his father had eight brothers who all became growers. Paul has five brothers of his own, and the majority have worked, or remain active, in their parent’s company. Paul’s wife and two sons, Rick and Luuk, also work for the company. As do his brother Cock and nephew Wesley. It truly is a family company.




Firma L.A. van Schie



The fact that the van Schie family only grows loose tomatoes is what makes them special. This used to be a bulk product, which meant that growers switched to other segments. However, demand from supermarkets and the food service sector has increased so sharply that it has almost become a niche product. Thanks to their investments in the latest sorting, packing and sustainable (geothermal) technology, the company is able to position itself as a specialist in the market. They enjoy doing business and strive for optimum quality. Or as Paul describes it: “A beautiful, healthy and reliable product".