Eggplant grower

Rob van der Knaap

Rich tapestry of colour

The purple flowers on the eggplants, and the strelitzia grown in the quieter winter months, create a rich tapestry of colour at the PandA nursery. Strelitzia is an exotic, orange cut flower and pot plant. However, we devote the majority of our time to growing eggplants - we have 5.2 hectares of greenhouse dedicated to that crop.




Kwekerij PandA



Just 200 grams of eggplants per capita per year

Eggplants are a great crop to grow. It's not so widely cultivated - in terms of surface area - and it is a little out of the ordinary. There aren't that many eggplant growers in the Netherlands. Did you know that the Dutch eat on average 200 grams of eggplant per capita per year? That is relatively low compared with our neighbours in Germany. The sign of a fresh eggplant is an attractive, deep aubergine colour and it tastes best if it is not too soft and has formed no seeds. My favourite way to enjoy it is grilled on bread! You automatically eat a few more slices than you meant to...