Cauliflower, Bimi, Broccoli, white and red cabbage grower

Nico Hoogendoorn

Dutch Valley Vegetables is run by Nico Hoogendoorn and his wife Wendy. Originally started by his grandfather to produce broccoli, the company now specialises in the most diverse range of cabbage varieties. Their three main categories of produce are broccoli, ‘headed’ cabbages such as red and white cabbage, and bimi, a relatively new hybrid which is a cross between broccoli and the Chinese kailan. It has the appearance of broccoli on a long stem.




Dutch Valley Vegetables B.V.



“We have the best job in the world”, says Nico, even though he admits it involves a lot of hard work. He relishes the challenge of producing a fantastic product and savours the moment when they succeed. His favourite season is spring, when the new growing season starts. “It’s important to supply a good, healthy product. I hope that within five to ten years, our cultivation process will be climate neutral or even climate positive." He hopes to achieve the latter together with Oxin Growers. “I think it’s important to share our achievements with society as a whole. As growers, we’re enjoying a lot of success. Now it’s vital to substantiate this with figures. This is what we’re working on now. It sends a stronger message if we do this together as a cooperative. Who knows, we might even become an important business partner in all future developments.”