Tomato grower

Martin Bouwman

Working 9 to 5

Together with my two business partners Niels and Bas Bakker, I am responsible for the daily management of our greenhouses (almost 18 ha) in Steenbergen. We have chosen to grow vine tomatoes.  Before that, I worked suited and booted as an accountant from 9 to 5. But I have said my final farewells to that career.




KBB Holland BV



The challenge of producing tomatoes of the very best quality, year in year out, is what drives my ambitions today. My wife Georgette also works with us and she organises everything relating to our personnel.

Vine tomatoes thrive in the Dutch climate

Growing vine tomatoes is more complicated in Spain and Italy. The heat there causes problems with fruit set and pollination. That's a problem we don't have in the Netherlands and we use that to our advantage. You can tell a tasty vine tomato by its deep, fresh colour - it's what we look out for at harvest. When it is picked, a large vine tomato weighs around 160 grams. Each vine bears five tomatoes.


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