Apple and pear grower

Marinus Huijsmans

Marinus Huijsmans’ orchard was established by his parents in 1969, and over the years he also developed a passion for fruit growing. After completing his education at HAS University of Applied Sciences, he joined the company in 1983 and progressively took control. Together with his wife, he cultivates apples and pears. They’ve made a conscious choice for a manageable company focused on cultivation to ensure a top-quality product that is attractive, carefully handled, and delicious.


Pome fruit


M. Huijsmans



What motivates Marinus? “I've been using integrated pest management for a long time, so the natural resilience of the variety and its natural enemies are factored into the cultivation process. This method minimises the use of chemicals. This has always been of interest to me. I’m passionate about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment.” The sense of freedom in his work is what he considers to be the most enjoyable aspect. “I can make all decisions independently, and I’m directly involved in every business process. My work is varied, no two days are the same. I’ve worked in the sector for so long now that I could become complacent and start thinking I know everything. But then the market or farming regulations change again. You have to constantly make changes, which can sometimes be challenging.” Working and moving with the seasons is the best part of his work. “We’re always outside and live in harmony with the seasons. I could never work shut away inside. Let me work outside in nature!


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