Apple grower

Marcel van Jaarsveld

With the arrival of Marcel and his twin sister in 1968, the Van Jaarsveld family envisaged a brighter future in Flevoland and decided to move. In 1969, they built an apple growing company from scratch.  At the age of 19, Marcel followed in his parents' footsteps by joining the family business. He now runs operations independently. He made a conscious decision to focus on apple growing, namely the Elstar and Red Jonaprince varieties. “This decision was made to ensure efficient production", Marcel explains. “In addition, these two varieties are perfect for Dutch supermarkets."


Pome fruit


Fruitbedrijf van Jaarsveld



Marcel loves being his own boss. “I can decide how to organise my day, and as an entrepreneur I can make my own choices." But being your own boss does bring responsibility. “You have to make decisions continually throughout the day. It’s vital to explore what best suits your own ambitions. I think that’s the key to the success of any business.” He firmly believes that keeping an overview is important to successful business operations. “You have to make sure you don’t fall behind with developments and innovation in the sector. The demands are high, so I always make sure that I stay up to date. Doing this allows me to really enjoy my work.