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Marcel en Ferry Adegeest


They are like tiny taste explosions on the tongue. Weighing just 10 grams, they come in bright colours like red, yellow and orange. Meet 'Candiezz’: the cherry tomatoes from Oxin Growers. All of the vitamin-rich and low-calorie treats come from the nursery of Ferry and Marcel Adegeest. They are grown on 14 hectares, spread over four sites in Berkel and Rodenrijs, Bleiswijk and Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel. Let’s learn some more from Ferry.




TVA Growers V.O.F.


Berkel en Rodenrijs, Bleiswijk en Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel


"My brother Marcel takes care of the sales and is also responsible for one location of his own and I take care of the energy and all other departments. So you could say I am more focused on growth and Marcel on sales. But it’s a joint effort. Or actually with the three of us (laughs). Father Guus is also around on a daily basis. Seven days a week. No, not to do lots of work, he just picks and chooses his favourite chores."


"We have our own CHP-installation in Berkel en Rodenrijs, in Bleiswijk we use residual heat produced by the RoCa powerplant (Rotterdam - Capelle aan den IJssel). At both locations we have a total of 650 solar panels. There are also plans to create a district heating network for the entire region. Those are plans that interest us tremendously. Biological crop protection is standard."



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