Tomato grower

Koos van der Burg

Growing tomatoes comes naturally to Koos. His father was also a tomato grower, having started a nursery growing leafy greens in 1984, later adding plum tomatoes to his range. The latter was so successful that he stopped growing leafy greens. Today, through his partnership with Oxin Growers, he is a regular supplier to the Albert Heijn supermarket chain. He supplies the tastiest plum tomatoes to every AH branch in the Netherlands. What is his priority in cultivation? “It’s not the amount of kilos produced, but ensuring a high quality and the best flavour. And working in the most sustainable way possible”, he explains.




Koos van der Burg



When it comes to sustainability, Koos has already made huge strides. As organic as possible, reducing crop protection products to a minimum. “The challenge is to grow emission free and without the use of chemicals”. The start of the growing season is the aspect of his work he enjoys the most. “We start with just a small plant and try to deliver the best possible product. This is always a fantastic challenge. And every year, I try to improve the quality of our product. That too remains a challenge.”


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