Cucumber growers

Kees, Dries en Andre Vahl

Geothermal heat

Our company consists of 10.1 ha under glass and has a history dating back more than 60 years in the horticultural region ‘Koekoekspolder ‘ in IJsselmuiden. We are a modern family business that has specialised in the sustainable cultivation of cucumbers for the Dutch and European markets. Quality, the environment and sustainability are key priorities at our company. A special feature of our family business is the sustainable geothermal heat we use to warm the greenhouses where the cucumbers grow.




Gebr. Vahl B.V.



This geothermal heat replaces natural gas as a heat source. Using geothermal heat reduces consumption of natural gas by approximately 80%. This also significantly reduces CO ₂ emissions. The idea of geothermal heat is simple: under our company, water of more than 70 degrees is pumped up from a depth of 1,800 metres. This warm water is used to heat the greenhouses. Once the water has cooled, it is pumped back down to the same depth.


Growing greenhouse cucumbers in the greenhouse is an elite branch of sport. It's vital to provide the plants with the right climate. A good temperature, not too humid or too dry, sufficient sunlight and the correct ventilation levels. We regulate the climate using an advanced ventilation system. This allows us to extract moisture in a controlled way without directly affecting the temperature in the greenhouse. It is also important to supply the plant with sufficient water and nutrients. Without satisfying these basic conditions for growth, the plant cannot produce well.