Strawberry, asparagus and cherries grower

Jorg Verkuijlen

Together with his brother and sister, Jorg Verkuijlen works at the company originally started many years ago by their parents. The Verkuijlen family grows cherries, strawberries and asparagus. To prevent the workload getting out of hand during the summer, a portion of their produce is grown in greenhouses, where work commences in spring. The company nevertheless experiences an enormous increase in operations during the summer, which requires the family to employ almost 200 seasonal workers during this period. These employees are provided with accommodation and catering, which has clearly been positively received as many people return every year.


Stone fruit
Soft fruit


Kersvers B.V., Verdi B.V. en Verbe B.V.



Jorg enjoys everything about his work, In particular working outdoors and engaging with people. “I enjoy managing our employees, which I do together with my brother Mark. Every day is different, there are always new tasks or issues to solve, meaning my work is extremely varied.” He would like to expand operations in the future, but for now the most important thing is to continue to produce a healthy and tasty product with a long shelf life, and maintain customer satisfaction.