Tomato grower

John en Johan van Heijningen

Growing is elite sport

Tomatenkwekerij Van Heijningen specialises in growing traditional, loose tomatoes Our motto is “Growing is elite sport.” Elite athletes always have a clear aim. Our aim?  We see the future of Tomatenkwekerij van Heijningen as a pioneering and leading grower and supplier of traditional, loose tomatoes.




Tomatenkwekerij Van Heijningen B.V.



Growing is also a team sport!

Our main focus during cultivation is the light-rich period: the plants need sufficient light intensity to produce high quality fruits. So we start planting in December, start harvesting in late February and supply right up to November.

The variable workload during the year means we have a team of nine in full employment as well as around 45 seasonal workers. To return to our motto: growing is not just an elite sport, it is also a team sport. From the admin department to the maintenance engineer, and from the manager to the production staff - every player is part of the team, and everyone's contribution is equally valuable.