Oxheart, sweet, red and white cabbage growers

Johan, Ruud en Dirk Bruin

Family business P. Bruin en Zonen is run by three 3rd generation brothers: Johan, Ruud and Dirk. As a family, they’ve been growing cabbages for many decades. Alongside the usual varieties like white cabbage, red cabbage and oxheart cabbage, the family are always on the lookout for novelty varieties, and enjoy entering niche markets others wouldn’t even begin to consider. For example, they’re experimenting with sweet cabbage (also called flat cabbage or CrispyCap) and the unique purple oxheart cabbage. “It’s so important to listen carefully to what the customer asks for," says Johan. That requires research and alertness, then a response to demand at the fairest possible price. And this in turn requires transparency towards the customer. “Honesty regarding the price and profit margins. In return, the customer can rely 100% on a good quality product.”




Fa. P. Bruin en Zonen



Besides quality and closely monitoring the market, the company is focused on future-proofing. “We're working on self-sufficiency in energy and a continual reduction in pesticides." What do they enjoy in their work? “Being a part of the whole process, from start to finish. You plant it in the ground, and eventually you can offer it as a fully-fledged retail product.”


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