Cucumber grower

Jerry Bentvelsen

Jerry belongs to the third generation, and is now at the helm of family business Bentvelsen Agrifood B.V. With great satisfaction in his work, Jerry cultivates cucumbers almost all year round. Satisfaction, because he considers cucumbers to be a fantastic product. “They taste great and grow quickly." He’s also satisfied with the diversity of his work. “There are always new challenges awaiting us!" He sees this as one of the benefits of owning a medium-sized company. It’s not too large, so he’s involved in all aspects of cucumber cultivation: from initial planting to communication with clients.




Bentvelsen Agrifood B.V.


Den Hoorn

Bentvelsen Agrifood B.V. uses traditional cultivation methods, which Jerry thinks work really well.  Cucumber plants grow quickly. so there are sustained periods of hard work. Taking an unscheduled break for a few days isn’t always an option. “I’m busy for at least six days a week." What are his business goals? “I want to continue with my business. And keep enjoying my work, to me that’s the most important aspect.”