Pear grower

Jeroen Vereecken

Jeroen’s grandfather moved to the North-East polder from Zeelandic Flanders in 1953. He was one of the very first fruit growers to start there. His father later took over the business and is still active to this day. Jeroen is now the proud owner of the family business. Vereecken Fruit focuses entirely on growing pears. “We try to keep up with the wishes and demands of the market by employing the most sustainable methods”, he says. “We focus on energy consumption, keep up with developments on sustainability and make sure we don’t fall behind.” All sales to regular customers are arranged by Oxin Growers.


Pome fruit


Vereecken Fruit Marknesse B.V.



Jeroen enjoys every aspect of growing, but one thing in particular stands out. “Sales periods are especially enjoyable. I think they are some of the most exciting moments of the year,” he says. Quality is extremely important to him. “We strive to do our very best in everything we do, for the duration of the cultivation process. I’m determined to supply a high quality product. I’m happiest if we succeed, if everyone is satisfied and the pears also fetch a good price.” 


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