Apple and pear grower

Jan Willem de Jongh

Jan Willem took over his parent’s fruit farm, which is located in the North-East Polder, in 1993. Yet they didn’t start out this way. Initially, his parents owned a smaller mixed farm in the Betuwe region before moving to the current location in 1963. Great change occurred again in 2016, when, with Jan Willem as the new owner, the switch was made to organic farming. He reduced the scale of the farm to a more manageable size. Today, two thirds of production is focused on pears while the remaining third is apples. His main variety? Organic Conference.




Fruitkwekerij De Jongh



What does he enjoy most about his work? “I enjoy the freedom; the ability to decide for myself what I want to do", he immediately replies. “And if we're successful in terms of cultivation and yield, then that’s great too!" He’s been pretty successful so far, thanks in part to the rich polder soil and sufficient supply of water. According to Jan Willem, these are two prerequisites for modern day organic cultivation. “Sandy soils are a no go when starting out." His ambitions are to keep his farm both manageable and profitable. He is supported by employees who help out during peak harvest and pruning periods. “I can’t look any further than these objectives. Fruit growing has always been an unpredictable industry.”


Fruitkwekerij De Jongh holds the following certification