Bell pepper growers

Jan en Henk Breugem

From diversity to smart investment in one crop

We come from a real family business; our grandfather started with low, flat greenhouses growing tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. Whereas in the past, different crops were chosen every year, growing one crop for a whole season is more usual nowadays. Today, the investments are simply too high to change crops within a single season. I am proud to run a modern, high-tech company.


Bell peppers


Breugem Products B.V.



My bell peppers travel more than I do!

The harvest season runs from mid-March to early November. The peppers are sorted by size and weight in the packing shed according to the orders we receive daily. For each order, we check the feasibility for that day. That makes our work highly dynamic with a lot of variety. One day the order may be from the region, the next day a destination on the other side of the world. I sometimes joke that my peppers travel more than I do!