Cucumber and bell pepper growers

Jaap, Piet en Jan Reijm

Grandfather Reijm was the first to dig his spade into the soil and start a cucumber business. Sons Piet and Jaap joined in 1985 and today grandson Jan is also part of the business. A surprising development occurred in 2018; they bought a bell pepper nursery with the intention of expanding their cucumber production. But, having done so, a regular buyer informed them that: ‘We also need bell peppers'. So they changed their plans, took on an experienced grower and now run a cucumber and bell pepper nursery.



Bell peppers


Reijm & Zn. Komkommerkwekerij V.O.F. en Reijm & Zn. Paprikakwekerij B.V.


Zevenhuizen en Berkel en Rodenrijs


Reijm & Zn. Paprikakwekerij B.V. is a progressive company. A unique feature of their cucumber crop is that it is grown on high wires, which, according to Jan, is something only about 20% of growers do. This allows the plant to grow fully and vertically, ensuring a continuous production of high quality cucumbers. This is a laborious form of cultivation, but one that also ensures a great yield. The family members use organic methods as much as possible and aim for optimal fruit quality. It is vital to them that both their own employees and Albert Heijn - their regular customer via Oxin Growers - are happy. 


Reijm & Zn. Komkommerkwekerij V.O.F. en Reijm & Zn. Paprikakwekerij B.V. holds the following certification