Brussels sprouts growers

Huib Koppert

Huib intended to become a dairy farmer, just like his father. But he discovered that he enjoyed growing sprouts more, so it was an easy decision to make. He started with a small area of land and expanded this to an above average sized farm. He has never regretted his initial decision. “I enjoy my work immensely."




Maatschap Koppert



Huib most enjoys springtime, planting the crop, and the fresh start every year brings. He’s also in his element when harvest time arrives and is satisfied and relieved when the harvest period ends. Six months of sprout harvesting can prove tiresome for even the most ardent sprout grower. On the fields he is supported by seasonal workers, but the Koppert family performs the rest of the tasks itself, such as transporting produce from the fields and grading the sprouts. His children, a girl and three boys, all lend a hand alongside a few young workers from the village. According to Huib, his sons are all “natural born farmers”, and it will be exciting to see if they also become enthusiastic sprout growers in the near future.


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