Cucumber grower

Herman Keijsers en Jac van den Broek

A good choice

Having our own cucumber growing company was a good choice for a family with young children. It allowed us to work hard but also spend time together as a family. I have worked with my manager Jac since 2009. He has a background in research, so that makes this work very interesting for him too. As well as Jac, I also employ a steady crew of Polish workers. They enjoy working here so much they are happy to return year after year. My wife does the administration.




Maatschap Keijsers



Three cropping cycles

We run various trials every year, so there are always several cucumber varieties here in the greenhouses. Some of them are so-called screening varieties; new varieties that still have to prove their worth for large-scale cultivation. About one in 25 of the new varieties eventually 'passes' the test. And, of course, we grow our own usual crop of cucumbers.

We have three cropping cycles each year. The first one starts in mid-January, the second about half way through May and the third cycle around mid-August. The last cycle continues until the first week of November. Then we clean the greenhouses and prepare them for the new season.