Apple and pear grower

Gert-Jan Oskam

Gert-Jan’s great-grandfather was the first generation at agricultural business Oskam, that has developed from a hybrid business since it started in 1930 to the current cultivation of apples and pears. Gert-Jan grew up surrounded by fruit, and gradually became more and more active in the business. He now runs it independently with his wife Caja. In 2009, they were one of the first to grow the Xenia pear variety. Gert-Jan strives to achieve the right balance between quality and weight, and cultivating in the most environmentally friendly way.


Pome fruit


Maatschap G.J.A. Oskam C. Oskam - Scheltema



Gert-Jan and Caja’s apple and pear trees grow next to the Kromme Rijn (Crooked Rhine), an area well known for its fertile fields. He loves being outdoors, the variety of his work and the changing seasons. Gert Jan: “The great thing is, in winter we prune bare trees, then they bloom, and within 120 days the flowers develop into fruit. They then lose their leaves and the cycle starts all over again.” He continues: “If we have a bad year, I always think: next year a new cycle and new opportunities. Every year we start again, and it’s always different."