Tomato grower

Rinus van Nieuwkerk

Growers since 1850

’s-Gravenzande is a region that has been historically fruitful for market gardeners and growers, as the coastal region has fertile soil suitable for a variety of crops. My brother and I come from a family tradition of growers. Our grandfather, father and uncle were all growers and our company has remained in the same place down the years. 




Snarf B.V.



Pure process

I think every aspect of the growing process is special, from the very beginning right to the end of the year. We sow the plants at the propagator at the end of October. The seedlings arrive here around the middle of December and are transplanted into the greenhouse. Harvesting starts in early March and we continue until mid-November. Growing tomatoes is a pure process whereby you are highly dependent on the weather conditions, such as sunlight, temperature and wind.  Thanks to our wealth of technical experience we have used 100% biological methods for 25 years already, and we know a great deal about the bumble bees for pollination and natural predators we can use to control pests and diseases.