Apple and pear grower

Cornelis Uijttewaal

An old stone, inscribed with the date 1800, can be found on Cornelis Uijttewaal’s farm. This hints at how many generations of the Uijttewaal family have preceded him. When his grandfather ran the farm, it focused on dairy produce. His father started as a fruit grower. Originally a traditional apple growing business, Cornelis now also grows pears, which constitute a third of production. This is a result of global demand, a longer harvest period, risk mitigation, and the perfect climate conditions the Netherlands offers for growing pears.


Pome fruit


C.A. Uijttewaal koel- en fruitteeltbedrijf


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Remarkably, Cornelis was one of the first farmers to start using solar panels and eco-friendly cooling systems. Similarly, he was one of the first to obtain the Planet Proof certificate. He prefers his fruit to be sold locally. “We have always lead on sustainability", he says. “I can name any number of examples: energy consumption, crop protection, using mainly electric machinery and installing sustainable methods of refrigeration.” He outlines that sustainable, disease resistant fruit varieties are another important aspect to successful sustainability. “This development is still in its infancy. If more progress is made in this area, leading to increased levels of success, I would definitely incorporate them to enhance sustainability.”