Bell pepper grower

Corina Olieman en André Droppert

Down by the harbour

Since 2004 we have been operating in an extensive and varied horticultural area in Oosterland on Schouwen-Duiveland. Our nursery is five minutes by bike from the harbour of Bruinisse - a lively spot that buzzes with energy and tourists. We started growing in Pijnacker in the province of South Holland, but our site was re-zoned. That brought us to Oosterland where we started growing bell peppers on former agricultural land


Bell peppers


Kwekerij Droppert BV



After some years we expanded and purchased more land from our neighbours, so now we are the proud owners of this fantastic, modern company with a new warehouse and proud producers of the healthy vegetables we grow here. 

Twist the day away

During the season, a team of 15 to 20 people work hard in the greenhouse. One group tops and twists the plants, while the other cuts and harvests the bell peppers. Before a red bell pepper becomes red, it starts out green. But the best flavour has nothing to do with the red colour of the pepper. Bell peppers taste best if they have soaked up plenty of sunshine!