Tomato grower

Carlos Jansen

In around 1950, Jan and Cor Jansen started their outdoor nursery at ‘De Spie’ in Hoeven. The first greenhouse was soon added. They continued to expand, resulting in a company firmly focused on greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes. During the years that followed, their son Peter joined the company. Grandson Carlos joined in 2020, and is the third generation to work at the company




Jansen Hoeven B.V.



What’s the most important aspect to your work? Carlos: “Our motivated team strives to deliver a great product, grown according to circular production methods. We reduce the effect on the environment, by reusing, recycling and working as efficiently as possible." This circular philosophy is what makes the company unique. “For example, plant residues are used at the end of the year as soil fertiliser, and water is collected and reused." Carlos sees becoming more sustainable as a tremendous challenge, partly driven by the energy transition and the issues this involves. But also out of personal interest. This is done very consciously together with a close-knit team of permanent staff. Good teamwork is another of the company’s notable qualities. And the best part of his job? “The diversity. We are a ‘flat organisation', one moment I’m busy with cultivation, the next I’m making plans for the future. I also enjoy getting the very best out of everyone who works here. Together, we form a very strong team.”


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