Cucumber grower

Arthur van Geest

Arthur van Geest’s family company was acquired in a unique way. His father worked for a cucumber grower who, at the time, had no successor in place. So he was given the opportunity to take over the company himself. The van Geest family became entrepreneurs and Arthur took the helm in 2000. Arthur and his wife are supported by a varying number of employees, depending on the time of year. Arthur tries to grow as sustainably as possible, and was one of the first nurseries to install solar panels. “The return on investment was estimated at ten years, but we actually recovered our investment much faster."




Van Geest Komkommers B.V.



He likes the fact that cucumbers are a fast growing crop. “If you plant in the summer, then you can harvest the first fruits three weeks later. And the results of your actions are always visible. So if you do something good or bad, you’ll quickly see the effect either way. Arthur aims to produce the highest possible number of good quality cucumbers, and ensure a sustainably produced and a responsibly priced crop.