Cucumber grower

Arnoud Paul

Vulcanic rock

I have always grown cucumbers since 1992. We opt for the traditional growing method with two crops during the season. The way we work is like this: twice a season the propagator sows the cucumber plants. After about three weeks the seedlings are big enough to be transferred to our nursery where we plant them out.




A.J. Paul


Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel

They are planted in 12-litre buckets filled with a substrate of porous, pumice stone granules. This is a very sustainable cultivation method, as once the harvest is complete the pumice stone can be steamed and then reused. We have been using this system for 20 years now. How the flower develops into a fully-grown cucumber varies according to the time of the year. In summer, it takes about nine to ten days for the flower to develop into a fully-grown cucumber. 


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