Tomato, bell pepper and cucumber grower

Alfons van den Hoek

Alfons en Henriëtte took over the company from Alfons' parents in 2000, and have farmed entirely organically since 2016. They made big efforts to expand the company and now have, alongside greenhouse cultivation of pepper, tomato and cucumber, an organic shop with a full range of products, a large meeting venue, a cooking workshop, a large outdoor area consisting of a food garden and woodland, walnut orchard, organic kitchen garden, and a permaculture orchard with a wide range of apple and pear tree varieties. All complemented by nitrogen-fixing plants and diverse types of berries.




Aldo B.V.



Variety is the most enjoyable aspect of Alfons' work. “We’re continuing to expand, and there are opportunities and challenges everywhere you look". That’s why they are considering future plans to create motorhome pitches in the walnut orchard. In recent months, they’ve also become an accredited agricultural demonstration company. This gives Alfons and Henriette the opportunity to inspire fellow entrepreneurs in making the switch to organic methods. They also give regular guided tours. Their outlook on the organic sector is very positive, and they’re always looking for ways to innovate. Alfons hopes to inspire fellow entrepreneurs with his business ideas. “In my opinion, many contemporary agricultural entrepreneurs, whether tomato growers or livestock farmers, are hindered by tunnel vision. My message is: dare to think outside the box. There are so many opportunities and possibilities. I’d like to work with and help other entrepreneurs.”


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